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Who We Are
W.L. Williamson & Associates is a group of talented consulting engineers with broad backgrounds in electronic design. Based in Mesa, Arizona for the past 19 years the firm has developed designs and products for numerous applications ranging from automotive electronics to telecommunications, medical, industrial, consumer and video applications and more. Refer to the List of Applications Areas for a broader view.

Design Capability
The engineers and technicians of W.L. Williamson & Associates are experts in total product design from original concept to completion of the production model. Beginning with circuit and software design they can take your product through package design, prototype building, testing/debugging, and documentation. Special attention is applied to producibility, serviceability and reliability to assure a quality product.

Design Disciplines
Expert personnel have broad design disciplines with particular design expertise in microprocessor hardware and software, digital circuitry and systems (CMOS, TTL , ECL), Programmable Logic circuits, analog circuits, as well as electro-optic, electro-hydrolic, and electro-mechanical systems. Additional expertise in Infrared and IR imaging, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design, and specialty test equipment round out the skill set. Check the List of Design Disciplines for a more complete listing.

The offices and laboratory were originally converted from an early Mesa farm house. In this same building for over 10 years, W.L. Williamson & Associates have been an active part in making Mesa and neighboring Phoenix and Chandler a thriving location for electronic design and development. Their facilities and laboratory contain state of the art equipment such as network and signal analysers, scopes, generators, and a wide variety of engineering design automation tools.

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